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Fitly Spoken Words

A Bridge that Shines

In this continuing series on Building Bridges, Matthew 5:16 is used as the anchor verse for exploring Jesus’ teaching of “let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”  Attributes of a bridge (the church) that shines are to: Seek the lost, Help one another, Include new people, Nurture one another into Christ-likeness, and Exalt God.  All of these characteristics fulfill the overall purpose of the church which is to glorify God. The lesson concludes with encouragement from Revelation 4:11 “you are worthy, our Lord and God” and an invitation to follow Jesus.

In this lesson from Luke 7:36-50, the necessity for Christians to develop Jesus’ perspective in how we view and interact with others is explored.  The concepts covered in the lesson include looking past the externals to gain a deeper understanding of people’s actions, responding compassionately to the broken and desperate people like Jesus did, and developing our character to reflect Jesus more perfectly.  The lesson ended with the encouragement to obey the gospel, come to Jesus and be added to God’s kingdom in baptism.


Spring Redemption

Spring is a special time of year that brings renewal and a fresh start.  This lesson uses Ephesians 1:7-14 as the scriptural pivot to explore the re-connection found in redemption.  The main points discussed are the spring of redemption, the spring of forgiveness, the spring of grace, and a spring of knowing.  The lesson concludes with the encouragement that we are God’s most treasured possession and with an invitation to reconnect to God.

More Than a Bridge

“Do this in remembrance of me.”  The Lord’s Supper, the memorial established by Jesus on the night he was betrayed, is the central reason for Christian worship.  More than a bridge, the shared memorial reminds Christians of the significant sacrifice of Jesus. This lesson explores various scriptures to discover the significance of this command, the importance of self-examination during the meal, and the meaning of the emblems used.  The lesson concludes with the taking of the Lord’s Supper and the scripture reading of Matthew 26:26-29.

In this continuing series on building a bridge to God, 2 Corinthians 8 is used to begin exploring the idea of giving as an integral component of our relationship to God.  Key concepts in the lesson include why giving is necessary, what giving accomplishes, and the blessings that giving with a proper attitude can bring. The lesson concludes with the encouragement to deeply contemplate our giving as we consider Jesus as our example of the greatest giver.

One Who Brings Help

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